WHAT we do. We do it with full attention and finish the job even if it is over budget. Customer satisfaction is our reputation. Troubleshooting, 2nd opinion (Most times free), Evaluation, performance testing, Startup’s, commissioning. Plant chilling equipment maintenance, Plant Hotwater boiler maintenance, Heat recovery, Heat wheels, Energy Management: Buildings and plant and equipment. Consider this as your assets “annual bloodwork & physical”.

Our constant training and vendor updates keeps us up to speed with new technology and energy saving innovations usingNew products and sensors. Here is one such example of new Copeland Scroll. Technology that could be retrofitted in most cases. Take condenser coils, like the new Delphi Micro Channel condenser coils fitted by some OEM manufacturers today, They are achieving much higher SEER rating & this is one reason why. Couple this with Controls and sensors and capacity controlled or VFD controlled compressors & you can get the picture.

WHO we work for primarily: Commercial, Manufacturing & Industrial Clients in the following categories Banks, Manufacturers, Hospitals, Clinics, Hospice, Schools, Aquatic centers, Hospitality, Conference Centers, Trucking, Churches, Developers, Building Facilities,

WHEN: As most know, it is only missed when it is not there when you need it. So prevention is the cure. So we prefer staying on top of our (your)Investment by doing regular maintenance and servicing,BUT for the unexpected breakdowns we are their 24/7 On call & for emergencies. Also design build per customer, Custom, Startups, Commissioning, 2nd opinions, retrofit, consulting.